Redhill Street and Cumberland Market Safe and Healthy Streets scheme


Redhill Street and Cumberland Market Safe and Healthy Streets scheme

Any formal objection must be in writing, must refer to the relevant area and must state the grounds on which it is made. Any formal objection that you do submit may become a public document and could be published. Formal objections should be sent by email to: safetravel@camden.gov.uk or by post to: Freepost LBC TRANSPORT STRATEGY (this is the full address, no post code needed).Following a joint public consultation on these proposals, which took place between 16 February 2022 and 9 March 2022, the Director of Environment and Sustainability has recently taken a decision to implement:

1) A trial ‘Healthy School Street’ (HSS) outside Christ Church Primary School on Redhill Street for up to 18 months, along with other traffic management measures, under an Experimental Traffic Order (ETO). You can read the monitoring report at the end of this page This would include:

  • Timed restrictions on Redhill Street at both junctions with Albany Street;
  • An at-all-times restriction at the junction of Redhill Street and Cumberland Market;
  • New proposals for Nash Street to become ‘except for access’ (with access restrictions at the junctions with Robert Street and Albany Street) and associated measures; and

2) Permanent road safety and pedestrian improvements on Cumberland Market, under a Traffic Management Order (TMO), including:

  • Creating a continuous pavement (two metres wide) around Cumberland Market;
  • Removing eight residents’ parking spaces and converting five paid-for parking bays on Augustus Street to shared-use parking bays (i.e. can also be used by those with residents’ permits);
  • Introducing four raised pedestrian crossing points across Cumberland Market;
  • Introducing two new disabled parking bays; and
  • Introducing three new bike hangars and cycle parking stands around Cumberland Market.

The Decision Report sets out the reasons the schemes have been proposed and consulted upon. It also provides Officers’ consideration of the public consultation responses and a recommendation on the way forward.

These schemes are part of the Council’s wider strategy to enable safe travel in Camden. They are designed to improve road safety and air quality around the school and in this residential area, as well as reducing traffic and prioritising pedestrians and other vulnerable road users. The proposals in this report align with the We Make Camden ambitions that Camden should be a green, clean, vibrant, accessible, and sustainable place with everyone empowered to contribute to tackling the climate emergency.

What happens next?

The full traffic orders can be found in the Camden New Journal and on our website: Camden.gov.uk/recently-advertised-proposals.

Any person wishing to object or make representations to the traffic orders relating to new parts of this scheme, following the initial trial, should email or send them in writing to: safetravel@camden.gov.uk or Freepost LBC TRANSPORT STRATEGY (this is the full address, no postcode required).

Now this Healthy School Street is up and running you can share your views below. These questions are our way of checking in with local communities.

While we will not be responding individually to suggestions, all the information you provide will help us to improve the scheme and be used to help us decide at the end of the trial whether or not to keep the changes.

Check out the following documents

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Christ Church school - Redhill St.pdf

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