Redhill and Cumberland Market Safe and Healthy Streets


Redhill and Cumberland Market Safe and Healthy Streets

February 2024 update:

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the healthy streets changes during the trial period. We have now decided to make the trial changes permanent and to introduce additional improvements in three locations. These improvements will make it easier to walk and cycle, as well as making the area more accessible. 

To find out more details, please read the decision report. We expect the additional changes to me made later in 2024.

 Additional changes:

Redhill Street (outside main school entrance):

  • Removal of guard railing
  • Introduction of a raised table at the existing crossing point
  • pavement widening outside the main school entrance to the width of the existing crossing point. This would include greening (subject to feasibility) and colourful cycle parking and would help create a larger, more pleasant waiting area for pickup time. The existing school keep clear markings would be relocated further into the carriageway, and single yellow lines replaced with double yellow.

Redhill Street (southern arm leading to Albany Street):

  • Introduction of a continuous crossing at the junction of Redhill Street’s southern arm leading to Albany Street and the north/south arm of Redhill Street
  • 1 pay-by-phone parking space to be relocated to the northern side of the road
  • Footway widening on the northern side of the road with integrated greening (subject to feasibility)

Redhill Street / Cumberland Market Junction 

  • Footway buildout with integrated greening (subject to feasibility)
  • At-all-times restriction to continue being enforced by a droppable bollard
  • Cycle lane to be added either side of bollard
  • New standard cycle parking

Why have we made this decision?

The London Borough of Camden has decided to make the trial scheme permanent as it has helped reduce traffic on Redhill Street at school pick up and drop off times. This has made it safer for children to walk and cycle to school. The at-all-times restriction at the Cumberland Market / Redhill Street junction has also significantly reduced through traffic in the area. This not only makes it safer for all residents to walk and cycle, but also helps reduce air pollution. Similarly, Nash Street can no longer be used as a rat run between Albany Street and Robert Street. 

The additional measures listed above aim to further increase pedestrian safety and accessibility for wheelchairs and prams – particularly on the route to the school. Greening measures have been integrated to increase the area’s climate resilience and improve the public realm. The additional measures also support cycling and build capacity for a future increase in people using this mode of transport.

More detail on how we processed feedback from the trial and monitoring data can be found in the decision report for making the scheme permanent.

What is changing?

We are trialling a number of changes in the Redhill and Cumberland Market area for up to 18 months this includes:

  • A Healthy School Street outside Christ Church Primary School on Redhill Street
  • Timed vehicle restrictions on Redhill Street at both junctions with Albany Street, which operate Monday to Friday during term time, from 8.15-9.30am and 2.45-4pm.
  • An at-all-times vehicle restriction at the junction of Redhill Street and Cumberland Market;
  • Nash Street ‘except for access’ (with access restrictions at the junctions with Robert Street and Albany Street)

We are also introducing permanent road safety and pedestrian improvements on Cumberland Market, under a Traffic Management Order (TMO). This includes:

  • A continuous pavement (two metres wide) around Cumberland Market
  • Removing eight residents’ parking spaces and converting five paid-for parking bays on Augustus Street to shared-use parking bays (i.e. can also be used by those with residents’ permits)
  • Four new raised pedestrian crossing points across Cumberland Market
  • Two new disabled parking bays
  • Three new bike hangars and cycle parking stands around Cumberland Market.

This decision followed a public consultation on these proposals, which took place between 16 February 2022 and 9 March 2022. The Decision Report sets out the reasons for the proposed changes and our response to the comments in the public consultation.

This engagement phase has finished

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