Prince of Wales Road Eastbound Pop-up Cycle Lane


Prince of Wales Road Eastbound Pop-up Cycle Lane

Back in September and October 2021, we ran a 4-week consultation on the changes we proposed for this area. Thank you to everyone who took the time to share their views.

We had approximately 250 responses and following the consultation we have decided to implement the trial on a permanent basis, whilst making several new walking, cycling and road safety improvements and improving how the area looks. You can read the decision report relating to this here: decision report  .

You can also explore the latest monitoring data  on the scheme (PDF)

We will be making the following changes:

  • Extending the existing cycle track further west, up to Maitland Park Villas and under the rail bridge at Kentish Town West station.
  • Replacing the temporary ‘kerb and wand’ segregated cycle lane with permanent stepped cycle tracks.
  • Adding dedicated traffic signals for cyclists on Prince of Wales Road and Castlehaven Road. On Grafton Road Cyclists will get a green light ahead of the rest of the traffic.
  • Providing a new parallel zebra pedestrian and cycle crossing on Prince of Wales Road, at the junction with Healey Street/Ryland Road.
  • Adding new benches, new trees and new cycle parking stands along the route.
  • Relocating some parking bays on Prince of Wales Road further to the south. These will remain within the Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) CA-F.

Several additional road safety changes will be made to accommodate the above and you can read more about these in the decision report  .

Additional materials

Works to start - read more in this letter
Works to start - read more in this letter

This engagement phase has finished

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