Mansfield Road Area - Safe and Healthy Streets


Mansfield Road Area - Safe and Healthy Streets

Thank you to everyone who shared their view on the trial changes. We have now made all the changes permanent.

During the trial we heard concerns about access from Savernake Road for large vehicle such as fire and ambulance vehicles, due to the narrow road width between a parking bay and the cycle hanger (on Estelle Road near the junction with Savernake Road).

To respond to this concern, removed the 7.8m CA-L resident parking bay (near the junction with Savernake Road). This will improve access for large vehicles such as those for deliveries and or fire/ambulance vehicles. We are also added double yellow lines with double blips (which prevent loading, parking and stopping) at the junction of Savernake and Estelle Road to improve road safety.

What was the issue in the Mansfield Road area?

It was uncomfortable and intimidating to cycle around Mansfield Road, and difficult for cyclists to cross the road towards Hampstead Heath to the north, or the existing cycle network to the south. Crossing the roads for pedestrians was also challenging.

How have we responded to this challenge?

We trialled a parallel zebra crossing on Mansfield Road near the junction with Estelle Road. As part of this trial, motor vehicle access from Mansfield Road into Estelle Road was restricted. We have now made this trial permanent. 

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January 2023 update
January 2023 update

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