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Kingsgate Primary School - Healthy School Street (Maygrove Road, Loveridge Road and Ariel Road)

September update - Healthy School Street launched 30th October.

We're sorry that due to a disruption in securing signs, that the Healthy School Street was not put in place at the start of the school year as we promised.

We apologise for the confusion this caused and for the delay in starting the Healthy School Street. The Healthy School Street launched on Monday 30th October.

Consultation results

Over three weeks during November and December 2022 we ran a consultation on on our proposals to implement Healthy School Street restrictions on Maygrove Road, Loveridge Road and Ariel Road to cover Kingsgate Primary School. 

Thank you to everyone who took the time to share their views. We have now made the decision to make the following changes:

What is changing

  • Introducing a new trial Healthy School Street scheme between 7:45 - 9:30 and 3:15 - 4:45, Monday to Friday, during school term time only on the following streets:
  • Maygrove Road between the junctions of Barlow Road and Iverson Road
  • Loveridge Road between approximately house numbers 61-70 and the junction with Ariel Road
  • The whole of Ariel Road

In order to facilitate the above changes, we will also ban the left turn from Iverson Road into Maygrove Road at all times with no exemptions (apart from bicycles and emergency services) and move the zebra crossing at this location 3 metres further into Maygrove Road.


The following vehicles are eligible for an exemption from the timed Healthy School Street restrictions:

  • Vehicles registered to properties and businesses within the Healthy School Street restricted area only:
    •  Maygrove Road – east of the junction with Barlow Road to the junction with
    • Iverson Road. Please note there are no exemptions available for residents of Barlow Road or Brassey Road as full vehicular access will be available from the western end of Maygrove Road during restriction times.
    • Loveridge Road – from house numbers 61 – 70 to the junction with Ariel Road.
    • Ariel Road – all addresses.
  • Any vehicle being used for ambulance, fire brigade or policing purposes
  • Refuse collection vehicles
  • Door to door services such as Plus Bus and Dial A Ride
  • Blue Disabled Badge holders that require access to an address within the Healthy School Street
  • Parents or carers of pupils of Kingsgate Primary School EYFS & KS1 that have a disability that prevents them from walking, cycling, or scooting to school
  • Exemptions for taxis or other door to door transportation for elderly or disabled residents, and their carer(s) (please contact us using the details below to find out more)

If you would like to register your vehicle for an exemption, please visit camden.gov.uk/healthy-school-streets

Give us your views!

If you would like to make a formal objection to the scheme you can do so within the first six months of ETO period, the deadline for which will be the 17th February 2024.

Any formal objection must be in writing, must refer to the relevant area and must state the grounds on which it is made. Any formal objection that you do submit may become a public document and could be published. Formal objections should be sent by email to: healthy.school.streets@camden.gov.uk or by post to: Freepost LBC TRANSPORT STRATEGY (this is the full address, no post code needed).

You can share your views below through a few quick questions. These questions are our way of checking in with local communities.

While we will not be responding individually to suggestions, all the information you provide will help us to improve the scheme and be used to help us decide at the end of the trial whether or not to keep the changes.

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Additional materials

Consultation flyer
Consultation flyer
HSS Kingsgate Letter August 2023.pdf
HSS Kingsgate Letter August 2023.pdf
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