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Kingsgate Healthy School Street trial

Healthy School Streets create a safer and healthier environment by restricting roads outside schools to non-exempt motor vehicle traffic at drop off and pick up times. This enables more children to walk, cycle or scoot to school, with less air pollution, road danger, congestion, and more space for people to interact. The schemes help to discourage car trips, particularly amongst parents and carers, by providing a safe and inviting space for more walking, cycling, and scooting.

Listening to you
During November and December 2022 we ran a consultation on our proposals to implement Healthy School Street restrictions on the streets around Kingsgate Primary School EYFS & KS1, install bike hangars at a number of locations, convert an unused disabled bay into resident parking and extend the dockless e-scooter and bike parking bay on Ariel Road. Thank you to everyone who took the time to share their views.  

What’s going to change?

On the 10th February 2023, Camden’s Director of Environment and Sustainability approved the following changes:

  • Introducing a new trial Healthy School Street scheme between 7.45am - 9.30am and 3.15pm - 4.45pm, Monday to Friday, during school term time only on the following streets:
    1. Maygrove Road between the junctions of Barlow Road and Iverson Road
    2. Loveridge Road between approximately house numbers 61-70 and the junction with Ariel Road
    3. The whole of Ariel Road
    4. Banning the left turn from Iverson Road into Maygrove Road at all times with no exemptions (apart from bicycles and emergency services) and moving the zebra crossing at this location 3 metres further into Maygrove Road. 
  • Installing four bike hangars on Maygrove Road, and two bike hangars each on Ariel Road, Loveridge Road and Iverson Road.
  • Extending the existing dockless rental e-bike and e-scooter parking bay on Ariel Road by 3.5 metres. 
  • Converting the unused disabled bay (D. 143) on Ariel Road into a resident parking space.

If you would like to register your vehicle for an exemption, please visit camden.gov.uk/healthy-school-streets. If you would like to register your interest for a space in one of the bike hangars, please email cycling@camden.gov.uk. 

What happens next?

The Healthy School Street changes will be introduced as an 18 month trial. 

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Our letters to you

HSS Kingsgate Letter Feb 2023.pdf
HSS Kingsgate Letter Feb 2023.pdf

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