Ferdinand Street


Ferdinand Street

During May/June 2021 we consulted on changes proposed for Ferdinand Street.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to share their views. We had 16 responses and following the consultation, we have made the decision to implement the proposed changes permanently. 

  • Replacing the crossing point outside the Harmood Children's Centre with a new zebra crossing
  • Widening areas of pavement on each side of the road
  • Installing new rain gardens (sustainable draining and planting) and new cycle parking on the built out area

You can read the decision reports relating to this, and our feedback to the consultation responses in the decision report. 

For information on the upcoming scheme you can read the documents prepared for the consultation

Main changes

The scheme includes a new Zebra crossing outside the Harmood Children’s Centre to provide a safe crossing point for pedestrians and improve road safety in the area. 

  • Widened pavements to shorten the crossing distance for pedestrians to 6.5 metres, nearly halving the total crossing distance, removing the need for a pedestrian island and slowing traffic
  • New rain gardens (sustainable drainage and planting.
  • New cycle parking for 6 to 8 bikes.
  • Changes to create a temporary standing space for the diverted 27 service so all residents and businesses in the area are aware of the proposed changes and the reasons for why these are necessary.

Providing temporary standing capacity for the number 27 bus service will require the temporary relocation of 7 of the permit holder bays adjacent to the Denton estate. It is planned that 6 of these are relocated to existing paid for bays to the immediate north and south of this location on Ferdinand Street. As part of the changes, bus stop KS that serves the number 24 bus service will be reduced in length to create an additional permit holder bay. This will not have a detrimental impact on the service. An additional paid for bay will be provided at the northern end of Ferdinand Place to minimise the loss of paid for parking provision. There will be no net loss of resident parking provision

Additional materials

Permanent scheme postcard
Permanent scheme postcard

This engagement phase has finished

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