Clarence Way and Hartland Road Safe and Healthy Streets


Clarence Way and Hartland Road Safe and Healthy Streets

In July 2021 we consulted on whether to make the trial changes on Hartland Road and Clarence Way permanent, as well as whether to introduce additional changes. Thank you to everyone who took the time to share their views. We have now decided to make the following permanent changes including no Motor Vehicle signage and bollards at the junctions of:

  • Harmood Street and Clarence Way
  • Hartland Road north of the junction with Clarence Way (at Holy Trinity & St. Silas School/Church)
  • Hartland Road, near the junction of Hawley Road
  • The changes will also include parking changes on Hartland Road as well as widened pavement and a new green space on Hartland Road.

    What was the issue on Clarence Way and Hartland Road?

    These residential streets were being used by motor vehicles as a short cut between Chalk Farm Road, Prince of Wales Road and Kentish Town Road making these streets unsafe for residents, school children and people walking and cycling in the area.

    In previous engagement residents have also reported concerns about dangerous driving by motor vehicles.

    As 69% of households in Camden do not own a car and public transport capacity remains much lower than before the pandemic, we know that safe and easy walking, cycling and scooting routes are more important than ever. Supporting and encouraging those who are able to walk and cycle, by creating safer streets will ensure that there is more space available on public transport and on our roads for those who need it the most.

    Access to all properties on both sides of the restrictions has been maintained so residents are still able to reach their homes by car and receive home deliveries but through-traffic has been prevented. Pedestrians and cyclists can continue to travel through at all times. Emergency services and bin collection teams can lower the bollard for access.

    These changes have reduced the amount of cars moving through these streets making it safer for people walking and cycling locally, to shop, reach Castlehaven open space and Holy Trinity and St. Silas School.

    Additional materials

    Permanent Changes postcard
    Permanent Changes postcard

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