Chalk Farm Road Safe and Healthy Streets


Chalk Farm Road Safe and Healthy Streets

November 2023 - update sent locally - construction due to start January 2023. You can find the flyer at the bottom of this page.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the consultation and commented here on the changes we trialled. 

You can read the decision report

Read the monitoring information on this scheme (PDF)



Chalk Farm Road is a relatively busy cycle route with over 1660 people cycling each day. It also has a poor road safety record, particularly at the Chalk Farm Road/ Ferdinand Street/ Juniper Crescent junction, with 46 casualties recorded over 3 years prior to the trial scheme.

Transport for London (TfL) have identified Chalk Farm Road as a high priority route for installing cycle lanes due to its useful east-west alignment. It easily links cyclists to many other new and existing protected cycle routes, encouraging cycling as a mode of transport.

In order to respond to these issues, we installed new cycle lanes in both directions on Chalk Farm Road, upgraded pedestrian facilities, and improved the Ferdinand Street/ Juniper Crescent junction, as a part of a trial scheme under an Experimental Traffic Order (ETO). The decision report related to this ETO can be viewed on our website .

We are keeping:  

  • Three signalised pedestrian crossings with countdown facilities. To provide safer crossing facilities for pedestrians.
  • The junction layout of Ferdinand Street/Juniper Crescent.  To provide safe access for walking and cycling across junctions, minimise delays to traffic and buses and facilitate the Morrisons development on Juniper Crescent which is currently under construction.
  • Way-finding signage at the junction of Chalk Farm Road and Hartland Road for the continuation of the cycle route to Kentish Town/ Camden Town via Hartland Road.
  • Four bus stop bypasses to provide safe continuous cycling and help protect bus journey times.
  • The relocated parking to facilitate the cycle lanes in both directions along the main route.

We are replacing:

  • The zebra crossing outside Camden Market with a new signalised pedestrian crossing.
  • The ‘kerb and wand’ segregation for the cycle lanes with raised stepped cycle tracks to improve better ride quality and a more useable width and improve emergency vehicle response times.
  • Bus Stop CD outside Haverstock School to be relocated to east of Crogsland Road and converting it to a new bus stop bypass. This location is better for passengers visiting the local shops, venues and roads to the north of Chalk Farm Road. and will help reduce the overcrowding of pedestrians at the entrance of the school at closing times.
  • The taxi parking facility outside Camden Market to east of Crogsland Road shared with a new timed loading bay. This is to accommodate the continuity of the cycle track.

We are adding:

  • 8 new benches to provide opportunities to rest, particularly for the elderly and people with disability.
  • 15 new trees along Chalk Farm Road to improve air quality, biodiversity, shade and improve the public realm of the street.
  • A better junction layout at Haverstock Hill/ Chalk Farm Road/ Adelaide Road/ Regents Park Road/ Crogsland Road, including a new signalised pedestrian crossing and dedicated signal stages for cycles. This will reduce through-traffic in the Eton Road/ Steele's Road area as there will be safer and easier vehicle turning movements to/ from Adelaide Road.
  • New 'blended pedestrian crossings' (i.e. continuous pavement) across side roads of Belmont Street, Harmood Street and Hartland Road, to provide pedestrian priority and reduce vehicle speeds at side roads.
  • New signalised pedestrian crossing on Haverstock Hill, outside The Enterprise Bar and Hotel, to provide safer access and accessibility for pedestrians.
  • 5 new cycle parking facilities at 2 locations to encourage more people to cycle.
  • Blue surfacing across junctions and side roads to provide an increased awareness of cyclists.
  • New bus stop bypass between the junctions of Harmood Street and Hartland Road. This will require the current zebra crossing to be relocated nearby and upgraded to a new signalised pedestrian crossing for added pedestrian priority. The new bus stop will better serve routes from Ferdinand Street and provide better access for pedestrians visiting Camden Market and nearby attractions.
  • New low level planting areas on a majority of sections of new and current bus stop bypasses. Sections of the current bus stop bypass islands to be replaced with low level planting areas. This is to improve the look and feel of Chalk Farm Road, and to improve biodiversity and sustainable drainage.
  • New double yellow lines with double blip markings (no parking/waiting at any time) along the scheme route to prevent vehicles from parking and loading on the cycle lane.

Check out the following documents

Chalk Farm Road - Notification Nov 23.pdf
Chalk Farm Road - Notification Nov 23.pdf

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